Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shut up and Sing?! Not the Dixie Chicks!!!

A few weeks ago I was able to go see the Dixie Chicks documentary, "Shut Up And Sing" and I LOVED IT. I've been a Dixie Chick fan for a very very long time. This whole new CD they've created is just awesome. The "Shut Up And Sing" song is my personal favaorite. It's amazing what's happened since the little comment that basically shut down the Chicks business.

And now the Chicks have been nominated in all general catagories they could be nominated in...which is pretty awesome. Especially once you watch this documentary and see how the world pretty much turned on the Chicks.

If you get a chance, watch this movie. It's about women who believe in themselves, who aren't about to give up what they love doing, and have one heck of a come back.



At 7:18 AM, Anonymous smoky said...

right on and rock on Chicks! I guess the righties and the nasty behaviours witnessed from Reba and some of the country music folk, who I guess, don't believe that others may have a different take on Bush and war-mongering, who don't think that a world stage is the place to voice an opinion different from thier own ... are now cringing ... a fool is still a fool by any other name and those folks are finally waking up ... by the way ... I'm sure it was a relieve to find out George isn't even really a texan, just a political manipulater who moved down that way to become a cowboy and get more votes ... Love the Chicks, always have ... havn't seen the film yet but looking forward to it ...


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