Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Really living!

How does one go about finding their differences in a world that strives to be the same?

No one wants to be the odd man out! No one wants to be laughed at for being different. And yet finding your differences is what you'll need to do to find true happiness.

We may want to look and act the same, but when we do this we are slowly killing our souls.

There isn't enough make-up, diets or sweet smelling perfume in the world to cover up the ugliness or the stinch of trying to be someone else.

Celebrate YOU! Celebrate your differences. Celebrate what it is that makes you YOU!

Take It Step By Step

Finding out who you really are is the first step. Second step is you've got to accept it. Third and final step is to truly live it. Live your authentic self as honestly as you can!


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