Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kathy Jarvis Heads to the Baja 1000

I received the following email today from Kathy Jarvis:

Hey Liz Thank you for posting my story on your blog. I am leaving for Baja
in a couple of days to start my adventure on becoming the first woman to solo the SCORE Baja 1000. A little nervous for it is going to be a really
tough race and hopefully I get it done in 24 hours. My head is bothering me
some and I need to get that truck to last for 1052 miles and I need to last
for 1052 miles.

I think what Kathy is doing is really awesome. I'm always impressed by women who are trying new adventures for themselves. I wanted to ask her a few questions and she was kind enough to get back to me right away.

Liz: in a couple of days you're going to start your new adventure on becoming the first woman to solo the SCORE Baja 1000. You're driving for 24 hours and 1052 miles right? How do you feel being the first woman to enter this race?

Kathy: Well, I am not the first woman to enter a lot of women drive with other teams and there are a few female teams that trade off the driving responsibilities. I just hope to be the first woman to drive all 1000 miles of this race, the Granddaddy of all off road racing. In 1972 Judy J Smith did it in a single seater buggy, a lot of respect goes out to her. It was sactioned by NORRA and they had different rules. This race is a non-stop race with no restarts everything we do is part of the race, from getting through the pits quickly to changing navigators to changing parts if something should break.

Liz: Who's your inspiration/hero's you look up to?

Kathy: I look up to those women who are strong and can speak their mind with out fear of how one will interpret it. I look up to those who can honor everyone’s point of view without judgement. I look up to those who live their lives true to who they are.

Liz: Anyone ever say anything negative to you? How did you respond?

Kathy: Yes, many people have said many negative things to me. I live in a world where jobs are coveted and people will say things to make themselves feel better. Most times I don’t say anything, and most times I wish I had. However, it is never good to mix words, to hold one’s head high, and not let it become personal is the only way to protect oneself from the negative energy. Most negative things said our fears that person has, so I try not to take them personally.

And Kathy's Favorite Quote:
Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandi

Kathy...good luck and we're all cheering for you. Can't wait to hear how your adventure goes!!!

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