Friday, October 20, 2006

The secret to looking and feeling young!

It doesn't come in pill form, it's not a liquid you drink called Veta Vita Vegimen that Lucy tried to sell, and you don't have to run 10 miles a day...which is good news in my book.

No it's swimming. I'm amazed at how good swimming is for our bodies. These last few months I've started to really pick up my exercise. I'm doing a little running, and am really enjoying riding my bike. I've wanted to do more swimming, but in order to do that now...during this time of would require me to join a gym. But it might be worth it...let me explain.

According to a study done by a research team at Indiana University, regular and moderately intensive swimming can substantially delay the decline of such age markers as blood pressure, muscle mass, blood chemistry and pulmonary function. With access to an indoor pool, anyone (young and old) can take advantage of the many health benefits of swimming year-round.

In addition to being healthier, swimming helps improve physical appearance by toning muscles and helping to control weight and appetite. A number of studies have found that even in middle-aged or elderly individuals, body image is an important factor affecting self-esteem, especially in women.

The problem about going swimming though is we have to get half naked to swim, and usually it's at a health club or public pool. Because of this, we loose out on the benefits of swimming. However the benefits to swimming a good two to three times a week for 30 mins each is really overwhelming.

I had a friend who was complaining about flab under her arms. She started swimming and very quickly noticed the flab was turning into a very nicely toned arm. So I know it works.

Now to find a pool to go swimming in!!

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