Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mother Teresa...another rebel!

The other night I rented the DVD Mother Teresa. If you're like me and don't know a lot about how Mother Teresa got started or much about her story. I highly recommend this movie. I was very surprised at what this woman had to go through to help the poor in Calcutta.

There's a line in the movie where Mother Teresa is torn between wanting to be a Nun no matter what, but also feeling called to help these extremely poor people. Imagine a church not wanting their people to help the poor, because it just didn't look good?! Anyway, there's a line where Mother Teresa is praying and says, "Lord Help Me! Why can't I be like other nuns?"

While I've never prayed to be a Nun, I know I've prayed a similar prayer like that more than once in myself. Being who we are sometimes go against the grain of what others think we should be. For Mother Teresa, thank goodness she kept true to herself, and went after her dream of helping these people. She changed lives! Even the church finally saw it her way, although it wasn't easy.



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