Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Michelle Thompson finishes 2,400-mile bike ride for her brother!

When a friend or a family member becomes ill, we often want to do something...whatever that might be... for them. It's so hard to just sit there and watch them go through the different stages of a disease.

Michelle Thompson wanted to do something about her brother who had been diagnosed with oral cancer (8,000 + people die from this disease a year). She knew her brother was in a battle with this cancer and she wanted to join in that battle. Plus she didn't want other people and family members have to watch their loved one get this cancer so she decided to raise awareness and raise funds for her brothers medical bills.

She set out on Oct 21st from Glen Ellyn, Illinois and arrived in Costa Mesa, CA at 5 PM on Christmas day. So far she has raised $10,000 for her brother. Since she doesn't have a non-profit status, Michelle is depending on "everyday people" to contribute what they can.

Michelle has taken time off work to do this for her brother. I also want to add that Michelle wasn't an experienced bike rider before this, but this adventure has changed things. I can imagine she must have had some major thinking going on during that ride. Michelle's outlook on life will never be the same after this big adventure.

For more information on Michelle, her trek and her fundraising endeavor visit: http://www.route2outsmartcancer.typepad.com/

This is a great site. Look at her pictures, read her posts. What this woman did...ALONE...is just awesome.

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