Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Amy Racina on Montel Williams

Here's some pictures from yesterday when Amy was on Montel Williams. This was a great segment. Even had her reanacting her fall.

Everytime I see Amy I'm always impressed by this quiet peace about her. This is a woman who knows what it's like to be so close to death, yet has the determination to survive no matter what.

On the show Amy talked about how she felt everyone holds inside of them this determination to live no matter what. Montel didn't agree with her though. I think he sees something special about her too, something you just don't see in people all the time.

It was interesting how Montel started out the show too. He said, "There's all these bad guys out there and you go hiking by yourself?! What are you thinking?" Amy's simple reply was that the farther out in the wilderness you go, the less chance there are of bad guys."

I wonder how many thoughts of "bad guys out there" keep women from doing things they only dream of?

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