Monday, August 21, 2006

8/20/06 Liv and Ann are at it again!! YEAH!!

A few years back I read the book, "No Horizon Is So Far" about Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft's journey across the Antarctica. I LOVED this book. The courage and determination of these women is awesome.

COLD?? I'd say a little...

I forget the weight of those sleds but they are like double of what they weigh...if not more. When it was flat, these ladies would actually be pulled by large type kites along the ice. They actually hoped to do that a lot more, but weren't able to because of the rough conditions.

And here they are at the South Pole. You go girls!!!

Now in March of 2007 they are planning another journey across the Arctic ocean. I pulled the following from their site... Bancroft Arnesen Explore which I highly recommend you check out.

Ann and Liv will begin their journey from Ward Hunt Island in Canada in March 2007. From there they will ski unsupported to the Geographical North Pole. The projected skiing route is approximately 850 kilometers long (about 530 miles). The expedition will be unsupported. I.e. no materials or supplies will be delivered to Ann and Liv; everything needed during the 2-months trek will be in Ann and Liv’s sleds from the starting point. The women will get resupplies at the North Pole and the exciting challenge for the team is that they will not know how long the total expedition will be, before they get closer to the North Pole and learn how and where TARA has drifted. The plan is to reach TARA in May and have transportation off of the ice the time TARA will change crew and scientists for the following year. Ann and Liv plan to have millions of kids follow their journey and learn about dreams, preserverance and courage. Join Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft by logging on to for updates from the ice, Journey's Toward Peace K-12 curriculum and classroom activities to participate in during the expedition.

Here are some pictures of them training for this trip...

Camping in the Arctic Twilight
Now that's beautiful!

I'll be talking more about these ladies in the coming months. I can't wait for their new adventure. What's so cool about these ladies is they call in daily with reports etc for students around the world. So we can also get the benefits of this as well.


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