Monday, August 21, 2006

8/12/06 Finding My Potential

“Every time one person on the planet reaches beyond
a perceived limitation and expresses their deepest potential, we all benefit.”
– From a site promoting the book “Take 10” a book and its author’s I’ll be talking more about in the coming weeks.

When I started my website,, I didn’t really know in what direction it was going to go. I just knew I wanted to somehow write about women doing incredible things -- big and small.

The sad truth is there’s a lot of bad news out there. I’m set up to receive news alerts and one of the words I asked for alerts on in the news is for the word woman.

Here’s just a few of the story headlines for one day:

Woman pleads guilty to sex with 14-year-old

Police search for homeless woman after 2 men push her in river

Woman's sight damaged by drugs bought on Internet

Woman charged over baby body find

After plowing through a lot of yuck…I’ll find a gem of a story. One that I can link to on my site, and to possible contact to see if I could write a story on them for my site and other publications.

There aren’t enough motivating stories about women out there. The good stuff rarely makes the headlines. If it bleeds, it leads type of mentality we live in today is depressing, and what good does it really do for us? How many sad depressing stories can we hear before it starts to impact our lives personally?

The thing is there are women out there doing some pretty incredible things. I want the opportunity to get those stories out. I feel the more stories we can read about women doing something challenging (no matter how big or small) it will inevitably make us better women.

Since I’ve sold my work-at-home mom Internet business, I’ve been on this journey to see what my next venture in life would be. What’s so interesting is what I want to do now, isn’t that far from what I’ve done in the past. My focus then was on working with stay-at-home moms to help them find their perfect home business. What I’m doing now is very close to being the same concept. It still comes down to women finding their passion in life. Finding that passion can open so many doors giving us this added energy and zest for life.

About three in a half years ago I stopped drinking. I was a daily drinker and I “thought” I really wrote some great stuff when I had a nice buzz going on. Once I stopped drinking, I thought my writing life was over with. I found it painful to write sober. Coming up with ideas to write about -- felt impossible.

Just in the last few months my passion for writing has emerged again. I finally have a focus and a passion when it comes to writing. I’ve been blessed to have come in contact with some pretty incredible women who I’m able to write about. It’s like everything is finally starting to fall into place. It’s not happening overnight, but the process is happening.

The women that I’ve come across in the past few months have a few things in common. They love what they do and because of that they have a fierce determination to accomplish their goals.

Another thing I see in these women is happiness. Who wouldn’t be happy doing something they enjoy? The key is doing what personally makes us happy. Not what other people think we should enjoy. We’ve got to be true to who we are. We are diverse with so many different interests.

In the ten plus years I’ve helped women find their perfect home business, I would ask them one question. What’s something you consider fun, what do you enjoy doing. More often than not I would get the, “I don’t know” type of answer. We’re good at knowing what we don’t like to do, but when it comes down to listing what we enjoy doing, we can be at a total loss.

If you ask me, life is way to short not knowing what it is you enjoy doing. What’s cool though is it’s never too late to find that one thing that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. You find that one thing, you’re life with change. You’ll find new happiness, you’ll become healthier both mentally and physically and best of all you get to have a whole bunch of fun.


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