Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surviving Breast Cancer

There are no coincidences in the world and if you are reading this and don't quite understand how or why you found this blog -- there's a reason for it.

A few months back I found out about a man named Robert Moss. I heard him being interviewed on a talk radio show. I liked what he had to say. He was promoting a book he had written called, The Three Only Things Dreams, Coincidences and Imagination. Several weeks went by and I searched his website to find that he was going to do a talk and book signing at a small bookstore about 15 minutes away. I was so excited.

I went, got his book, and had the chance to ask him one question as he was signing my book. The question I asked was what do I do when coincidences happen. What do I do with that information. He answered by saying, "Think of it as a secret handshake from the Universe." I loved that answer.

In his book he mentioned a woman named Wanda Burch who had also written a book called, "She Who Dreams." I quickly got my hands on this book and so enjoyed it. You know those kinds of books you just wish wouldn't end? It was one of those for me.

I feel this book should be read by every female. The basis of this book is centered around Wanda's journey of discovering she had breast cancer, trying to convince a doctor she had breast cancer, and then the whole process of surgery and chemo.

I think as a woman you'll find yourself empowered when you read it. I hope that as you get into this book you'll reclaim your own personal intuition and maybe look at your dreams with the possibility that they can help you.

We live in such a busy society now where it's hard to take a moment to ourselves to listen to what our gut/heart is telling us. We get so caught up in the ugly news that surrounds us on a daily basis, we've got work in and out of the home. You know what I'm talking about. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

Taking a few quiet moments to ourselves can actually make us healthier and quite possibly save our life.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jane Stillwater -- At it again.

No Jane isn't headed to Iraq again...yet (just give her time). But she is on yet another adventure. I can so relate to this woman at times. Right now she is off on a little vacation to Puerto Vallarta for a week or so. Sounds nice right? You're probably thinking that you wish you could go take a little trip right about now.

Well before you get too much into your head, let me explain that Jane got a really good deal on a plane ticket to PV and couldn't pass it up. Basically that's all she can afford (read the full story here). She has no place to stay and has no idea where she'll sleep. Most likely on the beach and she has about $300 in her checking account.

This woman has GUTS. But I can so relate. I've traveled more than once with no idea where I was going to stay, and with very little money in my pocket.

I'm sure Jane will find some how to blog her adventure and I'm looking forward to her updates.

On another exciting note I'm going to finally be able to meet Jane. She just lives down the Interstate a ways. She's agreed for me to interview her. This is going to be so much fun. I'll post the video as soon as possible.

Which brings me to asking you a question. If you know of any women in California who live their life out of the box so to speak, please tell me about them. I've love to interview them.

And good luck to you Jane

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Setting Your Spirit Free

Let me ask you a question. Describe to me your spirit? Don't confuse spirit with personality. When you describe your spirit tell me all those things you enjoy doing. Basically when you're doing these things you aren't thinking about anything else in the world. You're living in the moment, happy, and content.

If I was to describe my spirit and what it likes to do to you I'd say it loves to go to bookstores, it loves art supplies, it likes to play tricks on people, it loves to ride motorcycles, it loves to run really really fast...

I'm starting to realize more and more how much energy I put towards squelching my spirit. We all do it. The older we get it seems the less our spirit is able to really show it's face.

Today for example I was taking my walk through the park and I hit this small downhill part and I had this intense desire to run...really fast. My first thought was, "What if I fall?" My second thought was, "If someone sees me running like this their going to think a bear or a mountain lion is after me." See the thing with letting your spirit go is that our ego/mind is always eager to jump in and sit on spirit and squelch it. It's really rather sad. But today I didn't let that happen. I ran as fast I could. For as long as I could. And it felt so good. For just a few short moments I was totally in the moment, and as happy as I could be.

When you let spirit out to play, you have to put ego away. And that isn't easy to do. Above you saw a picture of a chalk drawing I made about a week ago. I've had this weird desire to create with sidewalk chalk. I've also had a desire to create mandala's. So I put these two ideas together and went to a park and started to draw. It wasn't easy for me to do this. I don't feel like I'm an artist in any sense of the word and going out where I might be in front of people creating something made me nervous.

So I picked an out of the way park, and went to a section people weren't going to really be walking by and drew. I LOVED what I created. I wanted to sit there for as long as possible and take it all in. The picture doesn't do it justice. The colors were much brighter and you could really see a lot more definition. I had a blast. My spirit was totally fed by doing this.

Below is another example of feeding my spirit. This past summer I did something I've wanted to do for a really long time. I took a surfing lesson. Yes I had my doubts, was scared and felt a little foolish at first...well let me show you instead.

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