Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jane Stillwater -- At it again.

No Jane isn't headed to Iraq again...yet (just give her time). But she is on yet another adventure. I can so relate to this woman at times. Right now she is off on a little vacation to Puerto Vallarta for a week or so. Sounds nice right? You're probably thinking that you wish you could go take a little trip right about now.

Well before you get too much into your head, let me explain that Jane got a really good deal on a plane ticket to PV and couldn't pass it up. Basically that's all she can afford (read the full story here). She has no place to stay and has no idea where she'll sleep. Most likely on the beach and she has about $300 in her checking account.

This woman has GUTS. But I can so relate. I've traveled more than once with no idea where I was going to stay, and with very little money in my pocket.

I'm sure Jane will find some how to blog her adventure and I'm looking forward to her updates.

On another exciting note I'm going to finally be able to meet Jane. She just lives down the Interstate a ways. She's agreed for me to interview her. This is going to be so much fun. I'll post the video as soon as possible.

Which brings me to asking you a question. If you know of any women in California who live their life out of the box so to speak, please tell me about them. I've love to interview them.

And good luck to you Jane


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