Monday, November 26, 2007


Yesterday I was out taking my usual walk in a local park when I noticed someone had written on a rock the word Danger. I was at first a little concerned because the arrow was pointing in the exact direction I was headed. Even though I had walked this path several times before, I started to second guess myself and wondered if MAYBE there was danger ahead.

Well I threw cation to the wind and continued my walk...toward the DANGER. Turns out there was no danger. Typical!

How many times are you faced with the possibility of doing something but stop because it feels dangerous? Dangerous because someone else says it's something to be feared or it's just sounds scary. Then your mind goes into overdrive starts churning out all types of terrible possibilities if you try such a thing?

My experience has been that it's never as scary or horrible as we make it out to be, and can actually turn out to be a pretty cool opportunity.

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