Monday, August 21, 2006

7/12/06 What's Going To Happen If I...?

Taking on a challenge will inevitably change your life in one way or another. And change can be a little scary. Scary enough to pass on the idea of maybe you want to try something new. I do warn that if you do this, the only person you’ll be hurting is you. You were born with your own personal destiny to explore and discover, and it’s never too late to start discovering what it was your were born to do.

The other night I watched a movie called Julie Johnson. I found it very enlightening how this movie portrayed what can happen when a woman decides to take on a particular challenge to better herself. In this instance Julie simply wanted to take a computer class. That’s it, but it changed everything!

See for months Julie had been reading as many science magazines she could get her hands on. She was like an alcoholic who hides their bottles of booze around the house. Only Julie’s hides her magazines in various parts of her kitchen (the last place her husband is going to do much looking).

All Julie wants more than anything is to take this computer course. She asks her husband and gets a resounding “NO, absolutely not”. Well Julie takes the class anyway and her teacher is amazed at her intelligence.

Julie doesn’t even have a high school diploma and is encouraged to take her GED so she can go to college to become a computer scientist.

Sounds good right?! What husband wouldn’t be excited for their wife to pursue bettering herself? Julie has to fight tooth and nail to get what she wants. She ends up leaving her husband, looses all her friends she has grown-up with, becomes a single mom, but still works toward her goal despite the lack of support.

I believe this is why many women don’t step out of their comfort zone to try something new. The thought that friends and family might not support you, that you could loose some friends along the way and people might think you’re crazy. And you know what? You’re might be right. Any or all of those things could happen.

But the question is do you really need friends who won’t support the idea of bettering yourself? Usually friends or family who don’t support your ideas are simply jealous. They don’t have the guts to try something new and they don’t like the idea of anyone showing them up. Who knows, your courage and determination might get someone you know to try something new.

The bottom line is this. Do you want to see life pass you by, simply because of what others might think of you? Or would you rather grab life by the horns and take the ride of your life?


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