Monday, April 09, 2007

Update On Jane

I have to admit that I've been eagerly anticipating Jane Stillwater's daily blog entry of her experience in Iraq. So far Jane hasn't got out of the green zone in Iraq, however in her post today says that she'll be able to get embedded with the Army. No the US Army, but the Iraq Army.

She says the following:

PPS: I'm so totally excited! I went to another press conference today wherein an Iraqi general briefed us about the Iraqi Army's new Operation Imposing Law and, during the Q&A, an Iraqi journalist asked the general how come most of the 15 journalists killed on these missions were killed in front of the Iraqi forces. The general replied that the loss of these outstanding professionals was a great loss to Iraq. Then the general added, "When we go out on our missions, we take the media with us." Oh? Really? I wanna go!

So I am now signed up to go out with the Iraqi Army on Wednesday to cordon off and search some neighborhoods. I am totally jazzed!

This woman is something else that's all I can say. I just wish her all the best in her newest adventure. I'm sure she'll have quite the story to tell when she gets back from this, there is no doubt there.

Jane's got Guts...that is for sure!!


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