Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Females Playing Football

The first EVER football camp for girls sponsored by the NFL and the Independent Women's Football League has finally happened. About 150 girls went to the event at the New Jersey's Giant Stadium and made history.

More and more girls are playing football. Girls are wanting to get into this sport. So the NFL has taken noticed and actually started a football camp for girls to go to.

Women have actually been playing on all women's football teams since 1950. The IWFL was developed some years back and now boasts a roster of 35 all-female teams.

I say go for it girls. If you love playing football, why shouldn't you play? I get a chuckle when I see girls in my town who are all dressed out in a football uniform who play with the boys. They basically don't have a choice since there aren't all girl football teams. These girls must REALLY want to play ball.


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