Thursday, September 28, 2006

Living you'd die tomorrow...

I received the following email from a dear friend today. This email filled me with so many emotions. I'm not going to say anymore, I'll just share it with you...

One of my unexpected birthday gifts was a wonderful shirt from one of our customers named Marc. He's a lovely guy, married...don't get any ideas. He surprised me with it, no man has ever bought me anything...that fits and suits me.
Marc lives with cancer. He has a plastic tube stapled to his stomach. They told him he only
had 2 years to live, it has been four...

Last week his blood tests results were bad. He has to take the train up to another city,
because he is the guinea pig on this new experimentation....I think, when he got back he got
news he did not want to tell us. He suddenly decided to buy a motorcycle and get a new tattoo
he knows will enraged his wife.....then he went and got me this present. I was a little uneasy
about it, but today I talked to him and got the feeling he knows what we don't...he simply said:
At this point, I will do everything that pleases me....and giving you this gift pleased me. You
are a great mother to your daughter, you are broke and couldn't do this and I can..........!

Talking about being left in the dust. Marc humbles me in a very strange humanly serene way.


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