Thursday, August 31, 2006

For the Motor Woman In You!!

Here's a great site I came across today. The lady that started it, Kathy Jarvis, just won the National Rally America run in Ojibwe Forest, Bemidji, MN. I can honestly say I've never heard of these types of races, but they sure look like fun.

Check out her website femmefatale motorsports

Who is Kathy Jarvis?

Kathy has been a professional Stunt Woman for the past 13 years working in the feature film and television industry. She has performed many high-risk vehicle stunts: from turning over a completely flame-engulfed Chevy Suburban in Chill Factor, to jumping a Minivan 8 feet high, 82 feet long for a Taco Bell commercial. She has crashed through buildings and into glass atria. She has performed many high-speed chases. She has deliberately (and safely) hit people, and slid sideways into, over and along the side of cameras and crew.

In 2001 off-road driving legend Ivan Stewart, encouraged Kathy to start a female Protruck team. Sadly, that year she was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and suffered consequences from a botched surgery, which caused a brain aneurysm. The tumor was left intact, and the aneurysm and surgery cased trauma to the pituitary gland. This created many other health problems. Kathy’s Protruck pursuit vanished as she concentrated on her health.

To promote her healing, Kathy turned to a holistic medical approach and declined synthetic drugs. She expanded her yoga program, embraced Qi Gong, NET chiropractic and acupuncture professionals for treatment---she nurtured her femme.

While healing she continued working as a stunt professional. In February of 2006 Kathy attended Team O’Neil Rally School to continue honing her driving skills. During the 4-day program she embraced Rally racing, Three months later she bought and personally prepped and raced in her first race at STPR, known as the fastest and toughest rally to finish in North America.

Kathy is now on a mission of making her Protruck dream come true. She will drive a Protruck in the 2006 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. Kathy will take it one huge step further. She will attempt to finish the Baja 1000 driving solo, to become “Ironwoman”!

Check out her website femmefatale motorsports


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